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January 17, Who said that?

On Saturday I was saying that I read that a gift is not a gift until it is shared. I read it again thi morning. It was in a book of meditations by Richard Wagamese called Embers. You might have noticed that Judith Lilley quoted him also in the beautiful sunset rug she posted here. Then yesterday I went to a church service online at a United Church in Montreal and the minister, Heather McClure was also talking about gifts. I find that sometimes when something is on my mind it turns up in several places at once for me to forage through. It lends thought to thought.  Today I am working on alnother rug for a bit and will go in this afternoon and work on the Goldenrod rug after the big reveal of our Winter Online course at 2pm! Angela's idea, and quite a fun one it is. I had to come here first thing this morning though and let you know where I heard the idea of that a gift was not a gift until it was shared. So I recommend Embers by Richard Wagamese. It is a great book.

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January 15, And ten there was purple

So here I am , caught in another storm and still not plowed out and it is mid afternoon. I snow hoed around the little woods on the property this morning. At eleven this morning my friend Lily texted to say lets facetime tonight and have a glass of wine and brainstorm writing prompts. I am going to suggest she write here as blog posts. She has such a gift but does not use it sometimes. That's the way with so many. Just because we have a gift does not mean we frequent it. Sometimes we have a gift but we do not use it enough. I encourage you all to write here about art, creativity and rug hooking. I read recently that a gift is not a gift until it is shared. And how true this is. If it sits in the cupboard unopened is it really a gift?

So I made the turn on my rug and have added a little purple. and now I will go from there and see what comes from next. I am thinking irises but there might be more. I know it is time to introduce some new tones.

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January 14, Making a turn

I turned my rug today. Rolling along the hours I have already out into it and preparing for more. For some reason I love to look at my feet when I take a picture of a completed rug or a rug on the way. I think I like the down to earth feeling that this brings to the picture. A back to the basics idea of rugs for the floor even though mostly I am making them as art for the walls. Today I added a new colour to the rug so I'll be showing that here. One thing I love about writing here is that we are a small community. All interested in the same thing. That is so lovely. It reminds me of when I used to write my blog so many years ago. 

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January 13, Sleeping with Goldenrod

Last Night through the night I was thinking about things and I knew that everything would feel different in the morning, so I tried not to think too much. Instead I pictured this field of goldenrod in my minds eye. Perfect it was when I moved to our seven acres in the country thirty years ago. Wild and uninterupted and rough. The were fields of gold that turned to amber that turned to brown and I have carried them with me all this time until this winter they made it rto the frame. This rug is slow going. And I am happy to be slow. It is January after all. 

I m going to write here each day I can. Little meditations for makers I suppose they are. You'll  e hearing from me.

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Daily Progress

I need to write more often. When I write more often the words come more easily. It is about loving the page. Knowing the words are there in your fingers waiting to connect with your thought. Yesterday I was looking for a word. I kept saying those enthereal threads but it was really gossamer I was seeking. Those thin threads of connection that need to be wound together. I think writing makes me better with words. I can love them more if I pay attention to them. So I'll write here for you and keep in touch and show you progress of what I am working on. 


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Hey Everyone,

To change your email settings so you don't receove an email everytime something happens on DFS Social:

from Cindy Watt, great instructions

Got to My Page tab and then at the top right corner of this page, and under Options, Click on Edit Profile, then Email.  Check or uncheck whichever settings you would like, then Hit Update.  It will refresh your profile and you will stop getting the messages in your inbox.

from Rae Ann Quinton

Changing the setting below seems to have worked to reduce the number of emails for me.

 (Under Content &Members, click on "stop following all")

 I don't want to put out incorrect information so please let me know this is not correct and i will remove this post...

I think there could be a default to "follow all" so that when comments are made it was prompting emails.   The second picture shows where you can then choose to follow a conversation and you can also follow specific individuals under members or folks you are friends with.




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Ten Minutes A Day Challenge 2022



Join us this year ! Ten Minutes A Day! I am excited to encourage you to hook ten minutes a day all summer. When you join you commit to hook ten minutes a day every day you can for July and August! We'll be sending out prizes and encouragement because when you commit to the ten minutes a day challenge you commit to yourself and your creativity…

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Ten Minute a Day Challenge 2022

I am excited to encourage you to hook ten minutes a day all summer. When you join you commit to hook ten minutes a day every day you can for July and August! We'll be sending out prizes and encouragement because when you commit to the ten minutes a day challenge you commit to yourself and your creativity and I want to encourage that!

You can sign up here!



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I want to show you some little tips here on the Pom members site. Right now I am crazy about flower pots. These are very simple designs I am doing right now but it is their simplicity that is difficult to carry off. For this orange pot I used sexy jersey and highlighted it with rust slub. I wanted a clean looking pot with not too much colour . The pot cannot compete with the flowers in these rugs. The pot has a very simple shape. Lean and long, and only two colours mixed together. I think it…

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Playful is best

Hey everyone, I have not had coffee or eaten my breakfast yet but I had an urge to visit with you here.  Right now I am so excited. It's thursday so we do our live which always gets me rolling. Last week I took a long walk on the marsh with friends and while there we began playing with our portrait mode on our iphones using the studio light mode and we got some fun results. I just wanted to show you what I discovered just by playing.…

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