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February 16, working steady


We are finishing up our iris kits and hope to release the online course IOrises across the Bay a little early. Yay! Angela wote the last sentence today.

I am working steadily at home creating a Design School Level 2 Course. It is exciting to be creating a new course that is about creativity. I am also dreaming up a new course for next year. Teaching makes me hapy and inspires me. 

On my frame here I am working on another big rug. Not as big as Goldenrod but pretty big.

Gotta say I am so happy with all the blog posts here this week. seeing the progress on people's works. It is such as good space to share our rugs. Thank you so much . I am watchimng your work grow and develop.

Tonight I am making fish tacos. This is my little world of rug hooking.

What are you cooking for supper?

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February 9, And soon to be revealed

So it is finished. I finished it on Saturday during the big storm when Terry, Lily, our syudent volunteer  and I were here  in the studio. I had made lime pasta, a new recipe and a salad and we ventured thru the snow. I sat down andI dug in. You know what hooking this rug did to me? It made me want to make something else this big. So the last few nights I have been dreaming that up. What goes on the frame next? What is big enough to slow me down?

I loved making this goldenrod rug. Hopefully it will be bound and ready for our Thursday Live and we can hang it behind me in my studio part of the studio. Now its what's next. I think I will get a big piece of linen, lay it on the floor and see what emerges. I'm waiting! Yay.

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February 4, Storm hooking

Well in the storm I went in cause Terry and Mary were in there packing and I knew we would have a good visit over lunch. Work is great compny these days. And I hooked for two hours on my birds. 

Last night I was thinking alot about the blue green colours on the sky and I thought I would take it out when I got there. But no. I had not seen it for what it was . When I got there it was really lovely. Sometimes we imagine it to be different than it is. Sometimes at the end of a day a colour might not feel right only to be beautful again in the morning. 

I can tell you one thing though, storm hooking is better than storm chips. You feel way better.

And just so you know on the way home I stopped at the grocery store and I did not buy any storm chips. I think I just felt real satisfied from the nice lunch with Terry and Mary and all the hooking I did this morning.


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January 31, And on to the sky

As I work on a new course on design I am thinking alot about this big rug that I have had made and how it relates to my other work that I am creating for the course. Preparing courses is an important part of my work overall. I don't want to just inspire people to create rugs. I want to inspire them to create rugs with their own voice. Rugs that tell their story and speak their truths. This is so important to me.

I think when we can find ourselves in a rug you know. That we can learn so much about ourselves just from making, from using our work to tell a story, or express an idea. It takes time and commitment but it is so worth it. You know I have a desire to put another ig rug on the frame right after I finish this one. I wonder will I still feel that way when this one is off the frame?

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January 26, and then there was the sea

So on my notes for today I had said, Hook the sea. And I did. Most of my day actually.

My friend Denise came by with a loaf of bread and I had brought in some leek and potato soup and we made a little picnic in the studio on this winter day. It was quite cheerful to have a picnic, even if it was not outside under the sun. We had fun.

After that I sat with my rug for several hours. Tomorrow on the live I'll show you how much I have done. 

I was just talking to Cathy MacDonald , who manages this site and next wek we are going to make a little instructional video about how you can use this site to keep track of your rugs, create posts, and update your members page. So stay tuned. We are on the case.

Today in the studio Cathy was creating small patterns for our pattern basket. Joe was shipping Cheticamp frames and Patricia was making kits and overdying some boucle yarn. Angela is working on the wholesale brochure for our beginner kits. 

So today I hooked a lot, and hopefully tomorrow I wil

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A special gift to my daughter

Héloïse collect snails, any snails. She says that's when she was a child, we were living in Normandie-France, well known for its rains, green fields...

I asked the kids to organize a snails race. No difficulties to find 2 for her and her brother. I painted  a dot on each one. The game begun.


When we came to live in Charente Maritime-FR we discovered that Cagouille is a local name to snails.

For my first Harbour works I tried the story teller rug 10046411880?profile=RESIZE_710xwith a snail and gifted it to my daughter. 

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January 25, Rolling Along

I made another turn in Goldenrod today after starting the sea. I had nothing in my stash left for the water so I made my wauy to the wools and added five new one. Lichen and Lace and Rasta were in the pile. I really wanted something think to add a bit of bounce to the piece. Everything so far was two ply almost. It needed a texture shift. I have never hooked a complete landcape this big before with out houses or a community. There is a tiny village in the back hills but this rug witll not have the structure of houses to rely upon. I am always excited to go to a new stage, to rol;l the frame. It tells me that progress is happening.  Right now I need a stretch so I will go out in the snow onto our street and walk around the block a few times just to refresh my limbs. The I think I will come back and hook for another bit while I listen to a story or a podcast. They keep me company, even if I am only half listening. Still I am there at the frame with a voice to soothe me.

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January 24, the Harbour and the Blogs

If you are a member of the Harbour, the old facebook group has moved here amnd you can see the tab in the menu. I am excited to say that we now have a good  private space for us to be a Village. We have added everyone we know who has taken the Harbour Masterclass. 

I also want you to kow that people are posting their own blogs here under the blog tab and I encourage you to read them. There is lots of good ideas, thoughts and rugs here. Some people are posing questions. Some are writing away. It's interesting to me. I love that there is space here to have a rug hooking voice. This is what it is for. Enjoy the space. 

I will soon show you another update on the Goldenrod rug. It is exciting. I added an ocean today. Oh when blue marries yellow, something more than green happens!


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Today I spent some time writing and hooking. This is my main job, my main activities at the studio. I gotta tell you this. While I was hooking I yelled. Ahhhh. Loud. And Angela and OPatricia came running. What happened? Well. You probably know what happened. It might have even happened to you.  I hooked the skin on my thumb, the thumb underneath the rug, and let me tell you it smarts. It is the tiniest of injuries but the most irritating. And for me it is like the old fingers on a chalkboard. It just sends a shiver right through me.

So now it is back to writing. As much as I like to hook vigorously....well you still gotta be careful not to hook your own thumb. 


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January 18, You can feel it in the making

So here is a peek at something else I am working on. When I do a big project I sometimes have a smaller or midsized project on the go too. Not as a distraction. I am really focused on each one. It is just two places to go. I like the back and forth, the change of pace. It is a good thing as long as you are good at getting things done and do not get overwhelmed. So this sea I am thinking is one of the best I have ever done. It does not look like it now here in the picture but in the making I can feel it.

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January 17, Who said that?

On Saturday I was saying that I read that a gift is not a gift until it is shared. I read it again thi morning. It was in a book of meditations by Richard Wagamese called Embers. You might have noticed that Judith Lilley quoted him also in the beautiful sunset rug she posted here. Then yesterday I went to a church service online at a United Church in Montreal and the minister, Heather McClure was also talking about gifts. I find that sometimes when something is on my mind it turns up in several places at once for me to forage through. It lends thought to thought.  Today I am working on alnother rug for a bit and will go in this afternoon and work on the Goldenrod rug after the big reveal of our Winter Online course at 2pm! Angela's idea, and quite a fun one it is. I had to come here first thing this morning though and let you know where I heard the idea of that a gift was not a gift until it was shared. So I recommend Embers by Richard Wagamese. It is a great book.

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January 15, And ten there was purple

So here I am , caught in another storm and still not plowed out and it is mid afternoon. I snow hoed around the little woods on the property this morning. At eleven this morning my friend Lily texted to say lets facetime tonight and have a glass of wine and brainstorm writing prompts. I am going to suggest she write here as blog posts. She has such a gift but does not use it sometimes. That's the way with so many. Just because we have a gift does not mean we frequent it. Sometimes we have a gift but we do not use it enough. I encourage you all to write here about art, creativity and rug hooking. I read recently that a gift is not a gift until it is shared. And how true this is. If it sits in the cupboard unopened is it really a gift?

So I made the turn on my rug and have added a little purple. and now I will go from there and see what comes from next. I am thinking irises but there might be more. I know it is time to introduce some new tones.

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Ten Minutes A Day Challenge 2022



Join us this year ! Ten Minutes A Day! I am excited to encourage you to hook ten minutes a day all summer. When you join you commit to hook ten minutes a day every day you can for July and August! We'll be sending out prizes and encouragement because when you commit to the ten minutes a day challenge you commit to yourself and your creativity…

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Ten Minute a Day Challenge 2022

I am excited to encourage you to hook ten minutes a day all summer. When you join you commit to hook ten minutes a day every day you can for July and August! We'll be sending out prizes and encouragement because when you commit to the ten minutes a day challenge you commit to yourself and your creativity and I want to encourage that!

You can sign up here!



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I want to show you some little tips here on the Pom members site. Right now I am crazy about flower pots. These are very simple designs I am doing right now but it is their simplicity that is difficult to carry off. For this orange pot I used sexy jersey and highlighted it with rust slub. I wanted a clean looking pot with not too much colour . The pot cannot compete with the flowers in these rugs. The pot has a very simple shape. Lean and long, and only two colours mixed together. I think it…

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Playful is best

Hey everyone, I have not had coffee or eaten my breakfast yet but I had an urge to visit with you here.  Right now I am so excited. It's thursday so we do our live which always gets me rolling. Last week I took a long walk on the marsh with friends and while there we began playing with our portrait mode on our iphones using the studio light mode and we got some fun results. I just wanted to show you what I discovered just by playing.…

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